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About the Sisters:

More than 70 years ago, the Dominican Sisters of Springfield, IL had the vision to bring top quality healthcare to Mississippi and have been visible leaders within and outside our facilities since we first opened our doors. Since then, St. Dominic’s has endeavored to set the standard of care in quality and compassion for the Jackson community and the state. The enduring sponsorship of the Dominican Sisters of Springfield, Illinois has made it possible for us to build something special here. Today, because of the Sisters unwavering commitment to fulfill their calling and our mission, St. Dominic’s is among the top health care providers in Mississippi – drawing patients from all over the state.

Diminishing Numbers:

The Dominican Sisters’ commitment to the communities we serve is the same today as it was at our founding. However, like many other congregations, the number of Sisters has diminished significantly over the years. There simply aren’t enough Sisters available to carry out this commitment to mission. Looking toward the future, the Sisters realized that while their commitment remained constant, their numbers and resources did not. To ensure the legacy they began all those years ago can continue well into the future, the Sisters recognized the need to seek a new sponsor to carry on the vital healing ministries St. Dominic’s provides to the community and the state of Mississippi.

A Stronger Future:

St. Dominic’s is a strong health system and source of healing for people of all walks of life. The local community – and the state – rely on not only the quality of care they receive at St. Dominic’s, but the compassionate delivery of that care. While we are strong today, we must persistently evaluate how to best position ourselves to continue to be strong into the future. Our mission demands it. However, remaining strong in the ever-changing healthcare landscape of tomorrow requires resources beyond what the Sisters can sustain. A transition of sponsorship to another Catholic organization, who shares our commitment to a mission of healing while providing the increased resources our future demands, is our best path forward.

Our Process:

To ensure St. Dominic’s mission continues for generations to come, the health system, in partnership with the Sisters, set out on a path to find a partner that would build upon the legacy of the Dominican Sisters. Through this careful and prayerful process, we selected an organization that largely sees the world the same way we do and is well suited to continue our mission. We have agreed to enter into exclusive discussions with the Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady Sisters, who sponsor the Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady Health System, regarding a sponsorship transition. Like us, they have demonstrated a commitment to providing compassionate care and hope to the people they serve.